Asheville, NC – Launching September 1, 2018

Why another church? Why Asheville? Renown Church is the result and response of much prayer and seeking God’s direction. More than just a social gathering, our church is a body of committed followers of Jesus Christ, with a desire to see the glory of God made known to everyone. When God is seated on the throne of our lives, He is subsequently the main focus of our congregational worship. We unashamedly adore the God of the Bible, and are unapologetic in our preaching and teaching of His Word. We are unafraid in the sharing of the “Good News” of salvation to those who need to turn from their sins and embrace Christ through faith. We are unceasing in our prayer, and understand that no move of God comes about without first petitioning Him through prayer.

As the days ahead of us change, the very roots of what make up Renown Church will not. We are resolved to remain steadfast and unwavering in our convictions and beliefs. We do not seek to be an attraction because of human comforts or entertaining services, but to be about our Father’s business. If God blesses our gatherings with the many facets of talent which return the glory to Him, we will utilize those. If not, we will rest in the truth that God is enough. We constantly seek to change the dynamic of the culture around us by living transparently as witnesses of the work God is doing in humanity. We are not a charismatic congregation, but we are excited about what God is doing in our midst. We exist to glorify God, and grow in Him together.  Soli Deo Gloria.

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